Consumer Reports and Scam Alerts


So much information exists on the internet that you don’t know which way is up unless you have some information that lets you know that the person is being serious. There is so much false information that just goes unpunished that it’s a shame, it it is something that we as consumers must deal with. So the option is to not believe anything you read on the internet or to find sources that you can trust.

The philanthropy part of our name refers to the way in which we do reviews. We are not paid by anyone and we are the first to call people out if they behave in an unscrupulous fashion. We are the first to get wind of any scams and we are the best consumer report company on the web. Because we are not beholden to anyone, you can be sure that the information you get is the only information that you can be sure is one hundred percent trust.

A time and cultivation

We have been working for years to ensure that our way of reviewing things is different than other companies. No matter how much a company insist that they are not being paid by anyone, you can often follow a paper trail and find that most review companies are in other people’s pockets. Of course this is not always the case, but unless you know what to look for, it is difficult to find out who is telling the truth.

The best way to deal with scams on the internet is to find someone that knows about them and tests every possible situation before calling something a scam. Whether it is a product or service, you can be sure that what we tell you is the honest truth and that we have done our research in order to ensure that the information you are getting is accurate.